One Direction Imagines

Feb 12

Preference: He Scares You

  • Harry: "Why are you so god damn clingy?" he roars, jaw tight and muscles taunt with pent up fury. You open your mouth, wanting to scream back at him, but the shadow of darkness that has fallen across his emerald eyes leaves you shaking on the inside and at a loss for words. His slender figure towers over you, backing you up until the corner of the kitchen counter digs into spine. "I'm so sick of it!" he spits, throwing his hands up in frustration. You flinch, squeezing your eyes shut and bracing yourself for a blow to the head. Nothing happens. Cracking an eye open, Harry's standing there horrified, staring at his hand and back at you. "No." he whispers, pulling your shaking figure into a hug "No babe, no...I would never hurt you. Ever. Don't be scared."
  • Zayn: "Hey are you home?" you call into your boyfriends flat, kicking off your shoes at the door. Silence is the only reply, along with the quiet ticking of the kitchen clock. A loud crash suddenly echoes through the room. "Zayn?" you shout, following the noise down the hall. Peeking into his room, you see Zayn hunched over on his bed, turned away from you. Approaching him carefully, you extend a hand out to gently nudge his shoulder. He spins around quickly, brown eyes in angry slits and chest heaving. "What's wrong?" you stammer, backing away. Zayn frowns, cracking his knuckles. His fist suddenly flies out and connects with the wall, sending large cracks running up the side and chips of plaster coming down. "Im in a bad mood." he snarls, "And not in the mood to talk." You press a hand to your mouth, turning and fleeing for the door. A slender hand wraps around your wrist, yanking you back. "Wait! Don't leave. I'm sorry, I'm just upset." Zayn pleads, tightening his grip "Don't be scared. I need you."
  • Louis: "That was a horrifying movie." you mumble, pulling a couch pillow tightly to your chest. Louis is sitting next to you, a mischievous smirk on his face. "Really? It wasn't that bad. I liked the part when the guy started eating people." You shriek and clamp your hands over your ears, "I'm trying not to remember. La la la, I can't hear you." Your boyfriend laughs and slips off the couch, a weird look in his eyes as he wanders over near the light switch. "Remember the part in the movie when the lights-" With a flick of his wrist, the room plunges into darkness "Went off?" You gasp and get to your feet hurriedly, trying to find a way in the pitch black darkness. A hand wraps around your ankle, tugging you to the ground. You scream and immediatly start beating whatever's holding you repeatedly with your fists. "Whoa babe!" Louis cries, running over and flipping the lights back on. He picks you up off of the floor and cuddles you into his chest, "Didn't know you were serious. Don't be scared. I'll always be here to protect you."
  • Niall: "Don't be such an idiot." Niall snarls, glaring angrily at the boy sitting across from you two in the car. You guys had wanted to just have a simple date out in the pub. The boy shrugs, tipping his beer bottle up his sneering lips "I'm just saying, that I think I could show that pretty girl of yours a good time." Your cheeks flush, but you ignore him and huffily turn away. Niall tenses up next to you, fingers curling tighter around his glass. "Wanna say that again you cunt?" The boy chuckles, "Well I could show her instead." Niall snaps, suddenly flying across the table and tackling the boy to the ground. "Stop it Niall!" you shriek, flying to your feet as Niall pounds his fist into the boys stomach and face. He's fueled by rage and alcohol, but it's terrifying. The look in his eyes seems like murder, ready to tear anybody in his way apart. His fist comes down again and again, but by then someone's pulled them apart. Niall searches the crowd, finding you backed away in shock in the corner. He comes to you immediatly, pressing a kiss on your hairline "Don't be scared. I get protective of you. You're always safe with me."
  • Liam: Your watching TV late at night when you hear the door slam open. "Who's there?" you call, muting the episode of spongebob you have playing. You hear a crash and the scuffling of feet, followed by a string of swear words. "Liam?" you whisper, creeping to the front den. You see your boyfriend standing there, looking down at the shattered flower pot at his feet. His clothes are disheveled and eyes are glazed over and drooping slightly. The stench of beer is overwhelming. He looks up at you, and stumbles over "Im home!" he grunts, opening his arms for a hug. You duck away, out of his reach. "You are so drunk." you say in awe. A shadow flashes across his face as his mouth stretches into a frown, "So? Am I not allowed to enjoy myself?!" he yells, coming closer to you. He grabs at you again, and you nearly get away when his fingers close on your arm, squeezing tightly. "Liam, stop it!" you hiss, trying to peel his hand off. He increases the pressure, "You're my girlfriend! Don't run away all the time." You nod furiously, trying to tug out of his grip. "Ow, ow, ow!" you whimper, feeling tears pool in your eyes. Liam suddenly stops, mouth falling slack. His eyes clear a bit. "Baby." he whispers, pulling you into a tigh hug "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Don't be scared."
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